Technical Memos

Information About the Technical Aspects of Torque Products

The Cost of Downtime in Manufacturing
Downthrust Measurement in Vertical Pumps Prevents Failure
Mechanical Installation of Torque Transducers
Specifying Torquemeter Performance
5mm Gap Helps Wind Power Gearbox Testing - An S. Himmelstein and Company Bearingless Torque Sensor Application
Why Understanding Torque Is Key in Pump System Installation & Maintenance
Overload/Overrange - What’s the Difference?
Acquiring Valid Torque Measurements During Vibration
How Using a More Precise Torque Sensor Can Often Save Time and Money
Realizable Torque Measurement Accuracy vs. Torque Sensor Specifications
Dynamic Response of a Drive with Damping and an Imbedded Torquemeter
How Strain Gage Torque Sensors Work
Overrange, A Crucial Rotary Torquemeter Parameter
Dynamic Torque Measurement
Avoiding the Destructive Effects Of Torsional Resonance