Torquemeters for the Aircraft and Aerospace Industries

Rotating Torque Transducers for Aircraft

S. Himmelstein and Company offers a line of precision inline rotating torque transducers configured with spline and flange ends consistent with AND 10262 and AND 20002 specifications. These aerospace torque sensors are well suited for a variety of test applications of aircraft hydraulic pumps and motors as well as fuel pumps. 

Hydraulic Pump and Motor Testing Applications

  • New and rebuilt components and subassemblies prior to installation 
  • Efficiency testing of aircraft hydraulic pumps, valves, motors and cylinders 
  • Gear pumps, vane pumps, piston pumps, fuel transfer pumps and centrifugal pumps 
  • Proper assembly and mechanical efficiency, pressure and flow capacity, load sensing, compensator pressure setting and leaks 

Actuator Testing Applications

Inline rotating, shaft-style aerospace torque sensors along with static, flanged reaction torquemeters can be utilized in testing and verification of actuators and actuation systems. 

  • Measure inline torque with an inline torque sensor 
  • Test aircraft flaps 
  • Efficiency test electrical actuator-based systems 
  • Measure stem thrust, stem torque, motor torque and motor speed 

Because Getting It Right Is a Matter of Life or Death

In the aerospace industry, lives depend upon manufacturers getting it right every time. Each part and process must be perfect, so components must be made exactly as they were designed. Torque specifications must be absolutely correct, which means you need the best aircraft torque instruments you can find. 

Himmelstein makes not only the best, most precise aircraft torque meters, but also provides exacting, certified testing and calibration services, second to none. After a while, torque instruments can become less accurate, and you may need to re-calibrate your instruments. We not only supply you with the right products, but also calibration services to ensure that your products continue to do their job — so you continue to manufacture only components perfectly capable of doing their job.