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Torque wrenches are often calibrated with a square drive reaction torque transducer. When the fastening equipment grows in scale, so too must the torquemeter. S. Himmelstein and Company square drive reaction torquemeters are engineered for calibration and testing of heavy-duty power tools as used in industries from mining and construction to energy production. 

Durable, Robust and Accurate 

All of our torque sensors, including the square drive reaction torque transducer, measure torsion with strain gauges. These are produced from a particular type of thin gauge wire where electrical resistance varies with compression and extension. Mounting at 45 degrees to the rotation axis minimizes the influence of extraneous loads. When four transducers are coupled in a Wheatstone Bridge arrangement, the resulting output signal is proportional to the torque applied.

Measuring Reaction Torque 

The square drive reaction torque sensor was developed for applications where torsion is applied through a large square drive. The Model 2208 square drive reaction torquemeter provides a 4” square drive, while that of the Model 2209 measures 5 1/2” AF. These compact units are ideal for calibration and testing of devices designed to apply high torque as used in the energy production, mining and heavy-duty equipment industries. 

Features of Our Square Drive Reaction Torquemeter

The high-stiffness models 2208 and 2209 handle up to 3,000,000 lb-in of torque and are rated for up to 200% overload. This avoids the clipping that can result from sudden transient spikes in load and helps ensure class-leading accuracy in your square drive reaction torque sensor. Expert design yields an ability to absorb high extraneous loads in thrust and bending directions.

Calibrated both CW and CCW and temperature-compensated, square drive reaction torque transducer combined error is less than .25% of range (except for Model 2208M). The transducers operate on a 15V ac or dc supply and provide an analog output of 3mV/V. 

Specialists in Torque Testing and Measurement

We've been building torquemeters since the 1960s, and that's all we do. In that time, we've worked on practically every kind of torque measurement application. We understand what each situation requires, and that's why our devices are known for being robust, accurate and easy to use. 

Whether you need to measure static or dynamic torque, we can help. Contact us to learn more. We’re always happy to talk about torque.