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If you’re building, rewinding, repairing or just using C-face motors, you should probably know how much torque they make. The best way of finding out is with a C-face hollow flange reaction torque transducer from torque measurement specialists, S. Himmelstein and Company.

A C-face reaction torque transducer bolts directly to the flange on motors and generators designed with NEMA C faces. The standardized bolt pattern makes mounting fast and easy. S. Himmelstein and Company transducer technology ensures accurate, repeatable measurements.

Proven Torque Measurement Technology

The most consistent, precise and durable torque sensors measure torsion with strain gauges. These are made from thin wire where the electrical resistance changes with extension and compression. Four or more gauges are embedded in the torquemeter at 45 degrees to the rotation axis. When coupled in a Wheatstone Bridge configuration, the output signal changes in proportion to twist experienced by the reaction torquemeter. 

Measuring Motor Torque or Load Torque

The C-face hollow flange reaction torque sensor was developed for applications where a shaft connects a motor to driven equipment. Pumps and fans, conveyors and gearboxes are examples, though C-face designs are typically only used with motors of less than 25 horsepower.

In a load measurement application, the motor is fixed in place with the load separated by the C-face reaction torque sensor. Reverse the positions for motor torque measurement.

Features of Our C-Face Reaction Torquemeter

The CF2800 family is produced in three sizes with face diameters up to 11 1/4” and bores going up to 7”. These will handle up to 20,000 lbf-in of torque, and note that the bearingless design means no upper limit on rotation speed.

Two outputs are provided, one of +/- 10Vdc and a digital output over RS232. PC interface software is included. Every S. Himmelstein and Company C-face reaction torquemeter provides bi-directional operation and is calibrated in our NVLAP laboratory. Combined error in the standard Code N configuration is less than .1% while the high precision Code C variant achieves under .05%.

Specialists in the C-Face Hollow Flange Reaction Torquemeter

All we do at S. Himmelstein and Company is build torquemeters, and we've been doing it since the 1960s. The deep expertise we've accumulated over those years means every unit is robust, accurate and easy to use.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you measure the performance of C-face motors and generators. We’re always happy to discuss torque.