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How to Get the Most Out of Your Torquemeter - Announcements, Videos, and a Special Invitation

Short on space, but need to measure torque or torque and speed? Looking for a trusted calibration facility? Our latest newsletter covers these topics and more…
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Torque Application Videos and Webinars. Large Capacity and Ultra Precise Solutions.

This newsletter contains information regarding our new very high capacity digital bearingless torque sensor, a video which provides specifications and…
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How Using a More Precise Torque Sensor Can Often Save Time and Money

Using a precision sensor can reduce the quantity needed, lower cost and improve test efficiency. That’s because a precision device satisfies accuracy goals…
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700+ Signal Conditioner

OTC, New Hires, and Upgraded Model 700+

Find out what we've been up to so far this year. From attendance at the Offshore Technology Conference to upgrading our Model 700 Series Signal Conditioners,…
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Realizable Torque Measurement Accuracy vs. Torque Sensor Specifications

By definition, Measurement Accuracy is the degree to which a measurement conforms to the actual torque value. Using the maker's specification to predict…
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From Min to Max Newsletter

Our low capacity DC operated torque sensor and high capacity bearingless torquemeter are introduced in this issue. Meet Tom Marek, our Calibration Laboratory…
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We Want to Stay In Touch. Subscribe Today!

Due to the newly enacted GDPR rules, we have had to change how we communicate with our clients in the EU. We'd love to stay in touch, but need you to OPT-IN.…
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Innovations in Torque Sensing Technology

Himmelstein is dedicated to torque sensing solutions and has been since 1960. This newsletter contains more information about the company and showcases torque…
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Product Announcements and Upcoming Events

Find two answers for measuring torque with extreme accuracy in real-world applications in this newsletter.
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We Enjoyed Meeting You at the Offshore Technology Conference

Who was at the Offshore Technology Conference in 2017 and what did we display? See our post show letter and find out!
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Do You Need An Expert in Calibration Services?

Himmelstein's Torque Calibration Laboratory is ISO 17025:2017 accredited by NVLAP, an arm of the NIST, lab code 200487-0. Learn about all of the services we…
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2016 Year in Review

We experienced some notable moments in 2016 and would like to share them with you. Find out more about what we were up to in this newsletter.
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Jack-up Oil Rig Torque Transmitter Monitors Leg Loads

Jack-up Oil Rig Torque Transmitters Monitor Leg Loads

Read this newsletter to find out about our MCRT 39000X torque transmitter and find out about our calibration services.
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