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Accurate and durable, S. Himmelstein and Company torque transducers yield NIST-traceable measurements that verify the performance of rotating machinery. For space-constrained test cells and benches, though, they can sometimes be too bulky. That's why we also build a compact digital torque transducer. By condensing the transducer housing to the minimum required and keeping axial length short, we've made this ideal torquemeter for wherever space is at a premium.

Torque Measurement Basics

Torque measurement is a critical aspect of testing rotating machinery such as pumps and motors. A compact digital torque sensor connected in-line yields essential quality control data by verifying torque transmitted through a shaft.

The non-contact torque transducers we build use strain gages embedded in the shaft. Torsion generates subtle changes in electrical resistance that are detected through a Wheatstone bridge arrangement.

To supply the excitation voltage and transfer these small signals off the shaft, we invented the rotary transformer. This runs at higher rotational speeds than slip rings can handle, and without frictional losses or durability concerns. The rotary transformer works in concert with the signal conditioners we engineered expressly for this purpose. These provide the amplification and filtering necessary for precise torque transducer measurements.


Precision strain gages and a rotary transformer can result in a package too bulky for test bench or other space-constrained applications. That's why we developed our compact digital torque transducer line. With their short axial length and compact body, compact digital torque transducers will fit where there's not enough room for a standard torque meter.

Applications for a Compact Digital Torquemeter

A compact digital torquemeter is essential equipment in every motor test bench or laboratory. It verifies motors, and actuators can deliver the expected turning force while yielding essential data for traceability.

Aerospace manufacturers rely on torque measurement to ensure that aircraft components operate flawlessly. In the automotive industry, torquemeters are used for testing performance and efficiency of engines, transmissions, pumps and compressors. Elsewhere, pump and compressor manufacturers measure torque to confirm their equipment will function as specified and meet desired efficiency targets.

Our Compact Digital Torque Transducers

The MCRT® 48200V range handles torque up to 10,000 lbf-in. All models feature ±10 or ±5 Vdc analog output with resolution of 0.02%. In addition, 14-bit data is output via an RS232C port. PC software and a cable are included.

Every compact digital torque sensor is calibrated in our ISO 17025-accredited laboratory and comes with NIST traceability. Accuracy — defined as the combination of nonlinearity, hysteresis and nonrepeatability — is below ±0.2% of range with the standard Code N-grade performance and less than ±0.15% with Code C. As a compact digital torque transducer manufacturer, we pride ourselves on delivering the same precise quality and accuracy in our compact models that we do in our full-size line.

Torque Measurement Specialists

At S. Himmelstein and Company, we've been measuring torque for more than 60 years. We understand the applications and environments our transducers are deployed into, and that's why we make them easy to install and use. Whether you're buying a compact digital torquemeter or one of our full-size products, you'll receive an unrivaled combination of price and performance. Better still, we stand behind our torque measuring systems with excellent after-sales and calibration services.

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