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Series 48200V Digital Torquemeters are low cost, compact torque transducers used in production and development to test pumps, motors, fans, gearing and other rotating components. In common with all Himmelstein torque sensors, these devices use proven strain gage sensing powered and read without slip rings, brushes or contact of any kind. Stocked models cover torque ranges from 25 to 10,000 lbf-in (2.8 to 1,130 Nm). When very high performance and/or wider torque ranges are needed use our Ultra-Precision and Bearingless types.

The capital cost of multiple, lower precision sensors required to cover wide torque ranges on a single stand, is usually higher than a single, higher performance device that covers the same torque range. Furthermore, additional savings continuously accrue from elimination of sensor changeover costs and the presence of more powerful processing features imbedded in our more accurate devices. Therefore, you should consider our high precision Bearingless and Ultra Precision torque sensors for those installations.

Torque Measurement Basics

Both analog and digital outputs are standard on Series 48200V Sensors. The user can select either 10 volt or 5 volt analog output signals. The digital output is compatible with Windows based computers; interface software is included. These digital transducers are also compatible with our Series 700+ Signal Conditioner/Display/Power Supply Instruments. The following features and processing functions are standard on our digital torquemeters unless labeled as an option:

  • Will  Display and Output data Average
  • Will  Display and Output data Maximum
  • Will  Display and Output data Minimum
  • Will  Display Spread (Max – Min) data
  • Has 0.02% reading resolution for analog and digital data
  • Will  select from 11 Signal Filters
  • Will  select from 10 Units of Measure without re-calibration
  • A documented ISO/IEC 17025/2017 calibration accompanies each sensor
  • A Bi-directional Calibration Check Function is standard
  • Will  remotely Zero the sensor
  • Will  display and store time and speed (option) plots on your Windows PC
  • Will  classify torque limits on your Windows PC
  • Will  measure speed (option) as well as torque
  • Will  store data to disk
  • Will  store test setups

Although these are our lowest cost digital rotary transducers, they have the features of more costly competitive devices and then some. Premium features include a 200% Overload Rating, noise free optical Rotor to Stator signal transfer, temperature compensation, individual functional connectors which simplify cable build and routing and an integral foot mount. You get a robust assembly with ample space for shaft couplings and you profit from non-contact signal and power transmission, renowned reliability, exceptional after sale support and access to extensive ISO/IEC 17025/2017 calibration facilities. Those Facilities comprise 9 accredited calibration stands with capacities from 10 ozf-in to 4,000,000 lbf-in (0.071 Nm to 452 kNm). Join users worldwide that benefit from our expertise acquired during six plus decades exclusively focused on torque measurement.