Mechanical Power Instrument - 721+

Model #: 721+


Superb instrument for mV/V torque, force and pressure sensors, and frequency producing speed, flow and velocity.

  • reads, displays, processes and outputs
    • shaft torque, speed, power
    • pump/motor head, flow, fluid power
    • drawbar force, velocity, power
  • fast, rock solid readings with high noise immunity
    • 7,800 samples/sec for torque, head or drawbar force input
    • 1 millisecond response for speed, flow or velocity input
  • 6 full digit engineering display with user defined legends
  • auto-scaled, selectable Voltage or Current analog outputs
  • RS232/422/485 serial communications


Panel mount adapters, option code ROperation from 10 to 15 Vdc power supply, option code 12D1 


These advanced instruments provide engineering unit display of a strain gage (mV/V) input and a frequency input.  They also compute power and perform 21 functions including limit checks, tare, hold, and max/min capture.  The alphanumeric readout can display measured and computed data, units of measure and test status. Transducer calibration is automatic, requiring no manual adjustments.

Data Sheets