S. Himmelstein and Company Installs Coordinate Measuring Machine for Highly Accurate Measurements

(Hoffman Estates, IL, January 20, 2021 - S. Himmelstein and Company recently completed acquisition and installation of a Zeiss Accura Coordinate Measuring Machine. This is part of their ongoing commitment to developing and producing torque measurement products with the highest possible performance. An environmentally controlled room was constructed specifically for this equipment. This room provides precise temperature and humidity control along with a contaminant free environment. The result is optimal dimensional measurement performance from the CMM.

The enhanced measurement capability offered by the CMM allows the ability to maintain tighter tolerances of critical machined parts. The majority of S. Himmelstein and Company sensing products are manufactured in their in-house machine shop. The CMM will give the opportunity for more consistent dimensional control of all parts resulting in overall improved product quality.

S. Himmelstein and Company has been offering innovative torque measurement solutions since 1960, manufacturing a full line of shaft, spline, flange, pulley, wheel and reaction torquemeters, and other torque measuring instruments. For more information, call 1-800-632-7873.