Hollow-Flanged Reaction Torque Transducers Offer Faster Response

New Series CF2800V C-Face Hollow-Flanged Reaction Torque Transducers from S. Himmelstein deliver high performance in real world applications. Capacities include 50 lbf-in to 20,000 lbf-in. Applications include performance testing of pumps, motors, valve actuators, gearboxes, plus feedback control of mixers, clarifier drives, reactors, extruders, conveyors, and more.

Incorporating the latest generation of integrated signal conditioning electronics, outputs are ±10 Vdc analog and RS232 digital, available simultaneously. They connect directly to the users’ control systems or computers with included software. Sensing element design is characterized by high accuracy, high torsional stiffness with low torsional deflection and ability to handle large extraneous loads with low crosstalk.

Features include:

  • No Bearings, No Speed Limit
  • Remote Bi-Directional Shunt Calibration
  • PC Interface Software Included
  • 11 Bessel Response Data Filters
  • No Manual Adjustments
  • Large Through Bore 

S. Himmelstein’s laboratory offers ISO 17025 accredited torque calibration services for transducers from virtually any manufacturer. The scope of our accreditation covers ranges from 0.07 Nm to 450,000 Nm.

Since 1960, S. Himmelstein and Company has been a leading manufacturer of in-line rotating, as well as reaction style, torque transducers for process control and machinery performance monitoring applications. For more information, call 1-800-632-7873 or e-mail sales@himmelstein.com