Available Options
  • Foot Mount - Code F
  • Standard Speed Pickup - Code A
  • Zero Velocity Speed Pickup - Code Z
  • ±10 Volt Output - Code L
  • 1,100 Hz Bandwidth - Code K

Dual Range DC Operated Torque Transducers - Shaft

Model #79000V Series

The MCRT® 79000V series was developed to accurately measure torque when the ratio of peak torque to average torque is high. In that situation, a conventional torquemeter must be oversized to avoid damage – a process which greatly reduces accuracy. Conditions that create high peak to average ratios include starting, stopping or reversing inertial loads, torsional oscillations, and diesel and single cylinder engine/compressor drives. Additionally, when peak torques are unknown, an MCRT® 79000V reduces the risk of damage from unexpected or accidental torque spikes.

An MCRT® 79000V can accurately measure low running torque and high transient spikes without the expense of using several conventional sensors. Furthermore, these products are hardened to the intense electromagnetic interference (EMI) often generated by modern, IGBT-based adjustable speed drives/controls.

These torquemeters use patented Himmelstein technology newly refined to achieve MCRT® 79000V performance. Rotary transformers connect torque sensing strain gages to stationary circuitry without contact. Transformers don't generate noise or wear. They are immune to noise, dirt and lubricants and provide long, maintenance-free life. Unlike ferrite transformers, Himmelsteins' robust, non-ferrite design isn’t susceptible to cracking and impact damage. MCRT® 79000V sensors are suitable for diesel service and other hostile environments.

RFI shielded circuitry, improved EMI tolerance, and the high level output with low source impedance further enhance noise immunity. Simple cabling yields calibration and balance truly free of cable effects. There are no slip rings, brushes, radio transmitters or other limited-life, noise-generating elements.

General Specifications

 Low Range Performance High Range Performance

Nonlinearity (end point method, % of Range)



Hysteresis(% of Range)



Nonrepeatability(% of Range)



Combined Error (guaranteed combined non-linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability, % of Range)



Rotational Effect on Zero (% of Range)



Remote1 Calibration Error (% of Range @ 75 deg. F., traceable to NIST)



Temperature Effects:


Zero (% of Range/deg. F.)



Span (% of Rdg./deg. F.)



Compensated Range

+75 to +175 deg. F.

Minimum Usable Range

-25 to +185 deg. F

Storage Range

-65 to +225 deg. F.

Outputs: Fully bi-directional, dual outputs for each range with common characteristics, as follows



Clockwise (CW) Torque²,³ (Volts)

+5 standard, or +10 Option L

Counterclockwise (CCW) Torque²,³ (Volts)

- 5 standard, or - 10 Option L

Minimum Resistive Load

10 kΩ
Maximum Capacitive Load

0.05 μF

Source Impedance

Overrange³ (% of Range)±33
Zero Control Range±5% of Range, nominal
Span Control Range±5% of Range, nominal
Supply Voltage5 (Volts dc)10.5 to 24 standard, 18 to 24 Option L.
Supply Voltage5100 mA, nominal
Power Supply Effect<0.01% of Range/volt
Measurement Bandwidth4

High Frequency Output: dc to 500Hz, Low Frequency Output: dc to 1 Hz; both outputs are simultaneously available on each range

Output Noise (rms, % of Range)0.10 @ 500 Hz. output, 0.02 @ 1 Hz output