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Across many industries, torque is a key indicator of product and process quality and equipment performance. Torque measurement helps keep machinery running at optimal efficiency. It protects against overload conditions, verifies assembly integrity and ensures product consistency.

A digital torque meter from S. Himmelstein and Company delivers NIST-traceable measurement of torque values. Digital torque transducer models are available to handle up to 4,000,000 lbf-in and have overload ratings of up to 1,000 percent for transient peak protection. (Alternatively, invest in a dual range digital torquemeter that addresses low- and high-load situations.)

Digital Torque Transducer Basics

S. Himmelstein and Company builds precision digital torquemeters for accurate measurement of rotary torque. Shaft-mounted strain gages configured in a Wheatstone bridge arrangement indicate torque as very small voltage signals.

Rather than use speed-limited slip rings to output these signals, we developed our own non-contact signal transfer techniques, including rotary transformers technology, optical data transmission and digital wireless transfer. These work in partnership with our specialized signal conditioners. They supply the precisely controlled excitation voltage needed while amplifying and filtering strain gage outputs to yield accurate torque measurements.

Handling Variable Torque

Torque is rarely constant, so the digital torque sensor must be engineered for transient spikes. These occur at startup and shutdown and when load suddenly increases or falls — as when a clutch or drive is engaged/disengaged.

To handle such conditions, we offer torquemeters with overload ratings from 200 percent to 1,000 percent. Alternatively, many users opt for the flexibility afforded by the dual range digital torquemeter. With a low-scale 20 percent that of the high, this delivers accurate readings under both low- and high-load torque conditions.

A dual range torquemeter avoids oversizing and eliminates the need to switch torquemeters to deal with a change in operating conditions. In addition, by dealing with torque spikes — such as those caused by a single-cylinder engine/compressor drive — it reduces the risk of equipment damage and unplanned downtime.

Typical Applications

Torque is a key parameter in assembly as it affects bolt stretch and tightness. Torque measurement is essential — for ensuring fastener tightness and to verify that fastening equipment delivers consistent results.

Many process industries use torque for equipment monitoring and control and as an indicator of product consistency. For example, measurement of mixer torque can indicate conditions at the impeller and so warn of unexpected variation. Likewise, changes in torque can signify the onset of mechanical problems such as bearing wear in motors, compressors and engines.

Manufacturers of virtually any power generating or consuming device such as electric motors, compressors, pumps, generators, engines, transmissions, gearboxes, etc. require precision torque measurement for product R&D and well as quantifying product performance and efficiency.

The S. Himmelstein and Company Digital Torquemeter Range

Available in shaft-end and flanged configurations as well as floated and foot-mounted, our digital torque sensor line outputs torque, speed and power in both digital and analog formats. When deciding between shaft-end and flanged, note that a flanged digital torque meter is shorter than an equivalent shaft-end model. This makes flanged torque meters the preferred choice when axial space is limited. Additionally, they can take large axial loads — which is needed when supporting the weight and thrust of a mixer impeller.

Very low nonlinearity and hysteresis are important features of our digital torquemeter. With Combined errors of less than 0.02 percent, this results in exceptionally precise and dependable torque measurements. Further, all digital torque meters are calibrated according to ISO17025, and readings are NIST-traceable.

Torque Measurement Specialists

At S. Himmelstein and Company, we've been measuring torque for over 60 years. Our products are designed and built in Hoffman Estates, Illinois — where we have an ISO17025 accredited laboratory, complete machine shop, and test and engineering facility.

We take pride in both the quality of our products and our exceptional after-sales service and support. What’s more, we believe our team builds the best products available at their price point. Contact us to learn how we can help with your torque measurement challenge.