Precision Signal Conditioning Instruments

Himmelstein Model 700 Series Signal Conditioning Instruments are powerful, yet flexible, one or two channel signal conditioners/displays.  They feature fast, rock solid readings, user settable digital filters, real-time cross channel calculations, built-in data acquisition and control functions, serial communications interface, user assignable logic I/O and auto-scaled ±5 and/or ±10 volt analog outputs.

Selecting from 7 available input cards, these instruments can be configured to interface with torque transducers (rotary transformer and slip ring), load cells, pulse output speed pickups and flow meters, voltage output transducers, current output devices, LVDT's, rotary and linear encoders, etc.  Check the desired boxes below for channel 1 and channel 2 to configure the appropriate instrument.

Configure By Selecting the
corresponding check box.

Channel 1
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Channel 2
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