RTM 2206 & 2207 Large Capacity Solid Flanged Reaction Torquemeters

Model #2206/2207

Model 2206 and 2207 high capacity, solid flanged reaction torquemeters have very  high stiffness, and handle large extraneous loads with low crosstalk. Overload capacity is twice its’ rated torque. They are available with either a mV/V strain gage level output (suffix M), or an already conditioned and amplified output ±10 Vdc (suffix V).  All models are calibrated CW and CCW to rated load in our NVLAP accredited laboratory, NVLAP Lab Code 200487-0. See Bulletins 770 and 7070 for a discussion of reaction torque measurement theory and extraneous load definitions.

General Specifications


M Suffix

V Suffix

Bridge Impedance

350 ohms


±2 mV/V

±10 Vdc

Zero Unbalance (% of full scale)


Combined Nonlinearity & Hysteresis (% of range)


Nonrepeatability (% range)


Measurement Bandwidth

Conditioner Dependent

dc to 500 Hz

Temperature Effects


Zero (% of range/deg F.)



Span (% of reading/deg F.)



Compensated Range

+75 to +175 deg F

Usable Temperature Range

-65 to +225 deg F

-65 to +225 deg F

Excitation15 V max (ac or dc)13.5 to 24 Vdc