New MCRT® 48800V and 49800V Series Digital Torque Transducers provide ultra-high accuracy and fast response.  Shaft Torque, Speed and Power data are output in analog (±5 or ±10 Vdc) and digital (RS232/422/485) form.  Mechanical Overloads of 400% and Signal Overrange of 300% are offered..

Both the 200% and 400% overload versions are available in two grades with combined linearity and hysteresis of  ±0.04% and ±0.02%.  The 400% Overload version offers a high safety margin during startup and when high torsional spikes are present.  High Signal Overrange avoids errors from clipped torque peaks when operating near the Torquemeters rated capacity.  Signal bandwidth is dc to 1 kHz .  Other standard features include true bi-directional rotor shunt calibration, max/min capture, tare, low long term and temperature drift, 13 constant delay signal filters, the ability to select from 33 units of measure without re-calibration and much more. 

These new products are exceptionallyl suited for performance and production testing of motors, pumps, engines, transmissions, cpmpressors, gear boxes or virtually any rotating device..

Specification Sheet B7409P_v12.pdf