Himmelstein Torque Sensors have very high accuracy in real-world applications, not just in the calibration laboratory.  Key product design features make this possible:


Highest Available Mechanical Overloads With available mechanical overload ratings or 200%, 400% or even 1,000%, it is possible to optimally size the torque transuder to closely match the desired operating range thus maximizing accuracy - no longer is it necessary to compromise accuracy for safety.

Best Electrical Overrange Electrical overrange of 150% to 300% eliminates measurement errors due to signal clipping.  Torque signals contain many oscillatory components, insufficient overrange will clip peaks from these oscillations resulting in loss of measurement accuracy.

Fastest Dynamic Response Dynamic response of any torque measurement is determined by the stiffness of the sensor and the inertias of the driver and driven devices.  Himmelstein sensors are characterized by extremely high torsional stiffnesses resulting in the best possible installed mechanical dynamic response.