Available Options
  • Foot Mount - Code F
  • Zero Velocity Speed Pickup (Encoder - 512 ppr) - Code Z
  • Zero Velocity Speed Pick-up (Encoder - 512 ppr) with Line Driver - Code B


mV/V Output Low Range Transducers, 4X

Model # 29000T

These low range torque transducers are available in capacities from 10 ozf-in to 200 ozf-in with overload ratings of 4X full scale. When installed between a driver and load, the sensor will measure static and dynamic shaft torque and speed (optional). A strain gaged titanium shaft senses torque and cancels bending and thrust. Robust, ferrite free rotary transformers connect the gages to noise immune carrier amplifiers. They don't generate noise or wear, are immune to magnetic fields, noise, vibration, lubricants and other hostile environments.

High stiffness to inertia ratios makes these sensors ideal for stepper motor and other dynamic applications. Maximum speed rating is 15,000 rpm, or 25,000 rpm with Option H. A dual track 512 PPR encoder is optional as is a line driver for its output(s).

These models require strain gage, AC carrier style amplifier capable of providing 3 - 6 volts rms at 3 kHz ±10%

General Specifications

Nonlinearity (% of full scale)


Hysteresis (% of full scale)


Nonrepeatability (% full scale)


Accuracy (combined nonlinearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability, % of full scale)


Stability, 6 months (% of full scale)


Rotational Effect on Zero(% of full scale)


Calibration Accuracy (% of full scale @ 75 deg F; traceable to NIST)


Temperature Effects:


Zero (% of F.S./deg. F.)


Span (% of Rdg./deg. F.)


Compensated Range

+75 to +175 deg F

Minimum Useable Range

-25 to +185 deg F

Storage Range

-65 to +225 deg F

Nominal Output

1.5 mV/V

Zero Balance (% of full scale)